In the News

With 25+ years in Florida as a practicing aquatic biologist and avid fisherman, Tom Rosegger has found his way into several newspapers. While working as a fisheries biologist for the former Game and Freshwater Fish Commission he was often quoted in articles related to lake management activities. Additionally, he would provide the public with insight into lake restoration and management efforts. On the weekends you could find his name in the fishing tournament results. Click on the photos below to view complete articles.

Lake Monroe revegetation working well

“Lake Monroe revegetation working well” appeared in The New Volusian on November 11, 1990. A Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission lake restoration project involved introduction of 96,000 aquatic plants over 800 acres of littoral shelf in. The photo’s caption reads “Fisheries biologist Tom Rosegger inspect eelgrass transplants in the shallow waters of Lake Monroe.”

Lake Monroe Grasses Back

A followup article run in the The New Volusian on October 14, 1992  titled “Lake Monroe grasses back, but are the bass?” applauds the agency’s restoration project. Eelgrass and other valued plants once decimated by years of pollution and dredging now flourish two years after the restoration effort.

A mess of fish

In photo titled “A mess of fish” ran in the The Ledger on May 21, 1987, Tom investigates a fish kill on Lake Hancock.

Banana Lake on the road to recovery

“Banana Lake on the road to recovery” ran in The Ledger on December 8, 1992. A $1.8 million lake restoration project on Banana Lake which involved the dredging of 800,000 cubic yards of muck allowed for the colonization of hydrilla. Numbers of sampled fishes nearly quadrupled over a five year period. Tom Rosegger of the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission is glad to see the populations flourishing but there is still room for improvement as numbers of adult fishes had not increased proportionally.

Fish Overharvesting

This letter to the editor titled “Fish Overharvesting” was featured in The Ledger on September 11, 2004. Though Tom Palmer consistently brought transparency to the Game and Freshwater Fish Commission’s lake restoration efforts, Tom Rosegger sought the need to re-address some topics from a September 1, 2004 article titled “Fish deserve protection with rules.”


Anybody goint to fish through the eclipse?

Tom Rosegger and fishing partner Dan Roth (The Ledger erroneously reported as Dean Roth) took first place at the Fishing Misfits Tournament on Lake Gibson with 8 bass totaling 14 lbs. 14 oz.

Bass were better over the weekend

Tom Rosegger and his Floridian fishing mentor Tom Drda won the Tackle Town tournament on the south Winter Haven weighing in with 18 lbs. 10 oz.

Parker Tourney

Tom Rosegger and Dan Roth won the Polk County Sports Festival Bass Tournament on Lake Parker with 18.30 lbs. Tom boated the best fish of the day at 7.4 lbs.

Free fishing this weekend

Tom Rosegger and Bob Stone of Stoney’s Outhose claimed first place in the Polk County Sports Festival Bass Fishing Tournament on Lake Parker with a total weigh in of 16 lbs. 1 oz.

Not a Rookie

The future of Rosegger Aquatic Services shows the world, or at least Lakeland, that he is “Not a rookie.” Tom Rosegger’s youngest son Mikey is shown with an 8 pound bass he caught in Lake Deeson.